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Sagar Chowdhury is an award-winning advertising, marketing, and communications and brand strategy professional with more than 15 years of agency and corporate experience. He has years of experience researching markets and industries, defining brand goals, devising strategies, and executing communications tactics to achieve those goals.

Sagar has worked on both the client side and the agency side across various categories, including telecommunications, bioscience, energy & technology, retail, B2B, consumer electronics, automotive, CPG, entertainment, food, travel & leisure, education, healthcare, and fashion/luxury brands.

In the mid-90s, Sagar got his start writing stories and features for newspapers and evolved quickly into brand storytelling in 1999. Since 1999, he has served as a copywriter and a Creative Director for accounts large and small, managing brand stories, advertising campaigns, and PR strategies and tactics in various media.

Currently, he is Creative Director for Idea Booth, a Chicago-based brand strategy and marketing consultancy, which has served clients such as Walgreens, Thermo Fischer Scientific, and Kraft. He oversees a team of designers, writers, artists, social media managers, and PR specialists to execute the tactics for the communications strategies devised in ideation.

In addition, his three years in Japan for advertising giant Dentsu helped develop and hone his keen insights into international branding and global audiences— insights that would greatly benefit any business with an eye on the bigger, global picture.

Sagar is also a writer and musician, dedicating much of his precious spare time and creativity to fictional prose and rocking faces off.

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